Ziplining at Sandy Springs Adventure Park

Quotes:”Come on, man.  I just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro three weeks ago.”
                  Sue to ticket-taker.
       “You can do it, Sherri. You’re a dancer!” 
                  Lena to Sherri in the middle of a swinging bridge.
       “How are you so freaky-fast with the tweezles?”
                  Sherri to Lena. (Answer: she skipped the middle   connection)
      The best part about going ziplining was that I went with two
adventurous women.  The worst?  I went with two adventurous women.  It took an extraordinary amount of planning to get childcare covered (babysitter), rides home for Chance from Ice Hockey camp and a ride from horseback riding to soccer (Mike came home early), and then a 90-minute-trip, stop for gas, arrival with our pre-registration papers. We got there exactly on time, handed over the tickets, and thunder rumbled.
      Although we were willing, Sandy Springs’ frowned upon anyone
climbing through a three-story obstacle course in the treetops while a storm approached.  As soon as the sky was clear, we grabbed gloves and harnesses. We only had an hour and a half left before the park closed so we chose an intermediate course.  The trails are graded much like skiing — colors indicating difficulty. 
      After we finished, it would have made sense to advance to a higher
intermediate, but it was group consensus that as Lena and I would probably not be back (Susan already has her next date set) we would go for the BLACK DIAMOND.  Just climbing the log ladder to get to the first zipline was strenuous.  I felt like a toddler climbing up a massive staircase where you throw one leg over then heave the rest of the body up to the next stair. There was a long zip ride after, and I did my best Diego impression as I sailed through the forest canopy.
      The trails were hard, but it was a relief to focus on a purely
physical activity.  I was only responsible for myself — although we all
encouraged each other — and it felt good with the breeze blowing and my
only thought how to balance or take the next step.  Although we had half the time of the ticket, there was no one else in the park so we had the five acres to ourselves. Of course we didn’t finish the Black
Diamond course.  Instead, we had to come down an emergency ladder, but
the staff were extremely gracious about it.
      When I came home Mike was packed to leave for Virginia again.  His father had gotten worse and it was time for him to go down.  He left Wednesday morning and his father passed away on Friday.  Mike’s mother called to thank me for being a single mom this past month.  I thought about saying it was nothing — I’d just ziplined around an adventure park for fun — but instead I said thank you because there are all kinds of strength and challenges. Sometimes the physical ones aren’t the hardest.

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