Sapphire Supper Club

Quote:  “Go ahead, have a martini.  They’re free….”

Right, so went to the Harford County Library’s gala fundraiser and it was wonderful fun.  My friend Carrie is a talented graphic designer who works for HCPL and this is one of her projects.  We were joined by “sushi gal” Katherine who was rocking some serious 1940’s style.  Pictures on Facebook.  I wore a dress I’d picked up in a San Francisco thrift shop so I was already loving life remembering the occasion I’d bought it.  Snitched a pair of white gloves from Diana, some heavy pearls and I was ready to go.
The Abingdon library was completely decorated with blue and silver in the theme of a supper club with a swing band and dance floor, photo ops, and a silent auction.  The children’s bookshelves were covered with cloths to make appetizer tables, the other stacks were cordoned off — although that didn’t stop us!  Yes, we were in a library, we perused us some novels!
The silent auction was artfully arranged and bustling around were servers with tidbits from Pairings Bistro, Broom’s Bloom, Sweet Decoration, Duclaw, and Wegmans.  My gals and I went to check out the silent auction — just looking!  And the big auctions were public: Custom design of your backyard, Wyndham resort, etc.
Behind the silent auction — just looking! was a table with assorted signature martinis, bartended by “True Housewives of Bel Air.”  Um. Didn’t even know we had true housewives here, but whatever.  One martini and I didn’t really care.  We tried some of the slider bars with the lamb and mini brioche and then the smoked salmon mousseline.  I personally finished with some gingersnap ice cream.  Delish.
Went to check on the silent auction and just put down my name.  No big deal, just helping to raise the price a little.  Saw County Executive Craig and thought it’d be fun to do one of those pictures where you drop by someone’s table like you know them and get a pic and then run away before you get yelled at.  Tried several times — what do you want, my camera was slow– until CE Craig and his group started to drift away, sensing, like prey on the African plain, that something just wasn’t quite right.
Oh well, check on the auction again.  Quite fun.  Good deals.  Shoot, why not bid on an old-fashioned Irish pub crawl.  You get 12 custom t-shirts so you can remember who you came in with.  That’s cool.  My husband would love that, wouldn’t he?   Or what about an adult picnic table signed by Joe Flacco and Mickey Cucchiella.  Why is it adult, snicker, snicker?  Great Christmas present to someone.  Maybe anyone.
Errr.  Why are they taking down the silent auction?  Shouldn’t someone have said something like, five minutes to go, get your bids in now?
My friend Carrie patted my arm. “No, that’s why it’s called a SILENT auction.  Let’s go see what you won.”
Uh oh.
One free martini = 12 car washes,
                               Five Guys burgers and fries for four,
                               5 oil changes, and a
                               Boar’s Head hot dog stand with hot dogs for up to 100, and staff for the event.

It was so much fun, though, and I can’t wait for next year.  I’m trying to figure out how to use the Boar’s Head hot dog cart.  Maybe at the next blood drive at the church.  I could make a poster like, “Don’t be a wiener. Give blood.”  or “Give blood, get a free hot dog.”  Some connection between blood and ketchup?  Maybe that’s gross. 
We also just got back from from Give Kids the World Village — a resort near Disney that is set up for children with disabilities or life-threatening diseases.  One of their projects is keeping an ice cream shop fully stocked.  Friendly’s is the corporate sponsor, but sometimes the budget falls short.  One of my friends at Hopkins did an ice cream fundraiser and made 3K to send down to GKTW.  Maybe I could do that and offer some car washes as door prizes?  (Buy ice cream, get a free hot dog?) Any ideas or comments are welcome. 
BTW — next gala is November 3, 2012.  If you come, I can try to get one of those photos of you candidly posing with an unsuspecting county official!