Dinner Again?

It has come to my attention that dinner is to be served every evening.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  More to the point, I am supposed to be involved in this process.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love dinner.  In fact, it is my general feeling that this is the point in the evening where you can relax, undo your top button, and be social.  We eat at exactly 7… except when we don’t.  Because of hockey or whatever.  Anyway, everything before 6:59pm is supposed to be the scampering about: school, twins’ various activities, my work, homework for the older kids, and then quick clean up the house. 7 is magic. It’s the deadline – all over.

 I also enjoy food.  I like the taste.  The feelings.  I like artful arrangement on the plate and ‘fresh from the garden’ because then I get a bought-local puritanical glow. I like to eat what’s in season and splurge on Ocean-caught Salmon.  A flower arrangement in the middle of the table is nice, but not required.  In short, for me dinner is an event.

And yet, not everyone in my family has gotten on board and so I am at turns a martyr (do you know how much time I spent cooking!), shocked (you don’t appreciate the coconut milk in the rice!), angry (how many times must I tell you to remain seated during THE ENTIRE meal!), dispirited (whatever – do what you want) and combative (yes, I poured you milk for your drink.  Girls need calcium.  I did it for YOU.  Go ahead and leave it in your glass and continue glaring at me.)

So, this week I treated myself to ordered meals from ‘Let’s Dish.’  For those who don’t know, it’s a prepared dinner service equivalent to a box of wine.  That sounds demeaning, but it’s not.  I used to go with my friend Serra and we talked and made the dishes, but now I live too far away.  Instead, I look at the posted menu and select dishes for an employee to make and then I go pick them up. More expensive than doing it myself, but less expensive than a restaurant.  Meals are adequate to good and certainly convenient.  Best of all, if my family complains I can just shrug.  I didn’t make it!

I should note, one of the reasons I thought of this was because I received an e-mail coupon.  You know that by the time I got around to using it, it had expired, right?

One thought on “Dinner Again?

  1. Wow! Where was Let's Dish when I was raising kids. When I got overwhelmed, I succumbed to just throwing fish sticks and mac & cheese at my family most nights. You're a better mother than most, I tell 'ya. Love your posts. mb

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