TGR Conference

Wednesday, June 6th

TGR Conference

                                – either ‘The Gettysburg Review’ or ‘The Great Run-Away’

I leave in one hour for the writing conference.  I’m really excited to go for several reasons, but I can hardly look forward because there is so much to do in the present.  I also feel bad that for me to get away Anna will have to miss her college class one morning and Mike will be coming home from a full day of work to four children by himself.  In fact, he worked late this week to prepare for a meeting scheduled during the time I’m gone.  By the time I get home on Monday he will be leaving for a business trip in Europe.

The thought I hold onto is: I haven’t gone anywhere on my own in years.  I was in charge of the Pittsburgh trip a few months ago– but I had the twins.  I went to New York City without kids, but it was an anniversary trip for Mike and me.  Thuy, when did I meet you in San Francisco?  I think that was really the last trip I made and it had to have been before the twins.  Or, Elyse, I visited you in Boston right after Chance stopped nursing.  2004?

                So, I’m nervous and guilty and a little scared.  But I’m also getting really excited to meet new people, see the area around Gettysburg, and spend time reading and workshopping with fellow writers. 

Things to do before I leave:

1)      Volunteer at Chance’s school picnic – Monday                                          Done

2)      Volunteer at Diana’s school picnic – Wednesday a.m.                             Done

3)      Tuesday is special day with twins (and go to gym)                                    Done

4)      Return library books – due 6/12                                                                    Done

5)      Give Evelyn methotrexate – Monday                                                            Done

6)      Write thank you notes to teachers (‘cause I missed TA week)                Done

7)      Finish reading stories for the TGR workshop (183 pages)                       Done

8)      Print stories for workshop; Printer OUT OF TONER                                 Done

9)      buy toner                                                                                                           Done

10)   Make change to work-in-progress chapter 5                                              Not done            

11)   Change Great Wolf lodge reservations as husband will be in Europe     Done

12)   Finish freelance editing assignment and return to client                        Done

13)   Print directions to Gettysburg.  I’ll be driving without a GPS – HELP!!      Done

14)   Pack.  Thank you May for insider tips!                                                            Almost done     

15)   Confirm Diana’s horseback lesson day (because of rainy forecast).         Done

16)   Print livingsocial coupon so Anna can take twins to Bouncy Place            Done

17)   Write out childcare schedule for while I’m gone.                                         Done

18)   Check that Evelyn has chemo (daily/next Monday)                                      Done

19)   Find someone to cover Sunday School class                                                   Done

20)   Grocery store and a load of laundry and put out trash                                 Done
21)  Sleep                                                                                                                     not done



3 thoughts on “TGR Conference

  1. Excited to hear about your mind-opening, relaxing, rewarding, energizing time in Gettysburg! Don't think any of that sounds like you should feel guilt-ridden! Enjoy a much deserved time away…you will come back an even better Mom anyhow!kari

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