Casey Cares

My daughter’s preschool, The Goddard School in Forest Hill, is running a pajama drive to support Casey Cares, a Maryland organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of critically ill children.   I’m really excited to be able to promote a cause that has been so generous to us.  Here’s the letter I wrote:


Easter, 2011 –

Two years ago, Evelyn was in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.  We’d been released from Hopkins, but still had to go to clinic several times a week.  She had a port in her chest, an immune system so weakened she couldn’t attend preschool, and a daily schedule of medicine to take at home.  Right around this time one of the parents at clinic told me about Casey Cares – a Maryland organization that helps critically ill children.  We applied and almost immediately they sent out pajamas.  Evelyn wore the Tinkerbell gown the next time we had to stay overnight at the hospital.  Then they gave us tickets to see “The Little Caterpillar” puppet show, and tickets to see Disney on Ice.  At Christmas we went to a special party at the Science Center.  The best part of the tickets was that they always seemed to come just when we needed a break from a difficult reality – just when our family needed an incentive to keep going. Evelyn’s cancer is *officially* in remission, but many other children are just starting this agonizing journey.  I’m excited to help out with this pajama drive and pass along the support and encouragement that were so vital to our family. Thank you, Casey Cares!

New pjs can be dropped off to The Goddard School at 460 Granary Rd, Forest Hill, MD 20150 now through April 19th or sent directly to Casey Cares.




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