Day of Rest

I’ve been sick since April 14th — almost three weeks now.  I finally went to the doctor and she told me I had walking pneumonia.   It felt like I was drowning in a tidal pool of phlegm as a golem sat on my chest so I couldn’t breathe.  I needed Miracle Max’s bellows from The Princess Bride.

I lost a little weight, had to rest after walking up the stairs, and announced my arrival from two rooms away with coughing fits.  Antibiotics, inhaler, prescription cough suppressant, and advice to drink a ton of liquids means that I’m finally feeling better.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that my husband is away in San Fran — I think he wanted a chance to sleep away from a coughing monster.  I DO think that it is a coincidence that my children are acting so much better now.  They were whiny and demanding and argumentative and really selfish when I was sick and trying to sleep.  Although they say I was really mean and whiny and demanding while I was sick.  Huh.  Guess that’s a mystery for the universe.

There’s so much to do — I have a Manuscript edit for a client, I’m trying to get bites on my novel, the exercise class I’m teaching started today so there was meetings with the rec council and fliers to make and signs to put up and such.  And the weekly schedule goes something like this:

Monday — Twins have gymnastics, Chance has lacrosse practice, Diana’s big homework day

Tuesday — Diana has lacrosse practice.  Everyone has homework.

Wednesday — Chance has lacrosse game, Diana has horseback riding lesson  (Isabel goes to boxing).

Thursday — Diana has lacrosse practice

Friday — Twins have ballet in a.m., followed by tap class, swim lesson in p.m.  Diana has swim lesson.  We stay for Family swim, come home, put twins to bed, make nachos and watch Survivor with Diana and Chance and Isabel.

Saturday — Chance lacrosse game.  Diana helps at stable.

Sunday — Church , Diana’s lacrosse game.

I think it is safe to say that we are busy.  There are reasons — my son is stuck in the middle of a bunch of girls and needs sports.  My oldest needs to work on her social skills through team work.  The twins didn’t have many activities while Evelyn was in the hospital so much and next year is full-day kindergarten and they won’t have time.

But, I got sick.  Really sick.  Because there was no time to rest.  It’s like there should be a schedule of days and a person should have to rest one day out of every…I don’t know….seven?  Like, once a week.  Like, keeping the Sabbath holy…..OHHHHHH.  Right.  4th commandment.

Everyone has different ways of resting, yes?  My husband works in an office all day, so going outside in the sunny weather to watch soccer games is a break.  My daughter finds it restful to be at the horse stable all day, even though she is physically working to clean the stalls and feed the horses.  There’s no homework, no pressure, she can just do what she enjoys.

If you are me, then resting means climbing into bed and reading a book after church.  Quiet — no yelling or emergencies.  Puttering around the house and yard.  Unstructured time.

I don’t know what your rest day looks like — feel free to share in the comments — but I encourage you to embrace your day of rest, hold it close, and don’t take it for granted.  I would hate for my golem to take up residence in your house.  Seriously, that tidal pool of phlegm is nasty.

Much love,



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