A Face in the Crowd

Miracles aren’t painless. Sometimes I think we get confused by magic wands and wishes that come from nothing.  We look away from the sacrifice.  The payment. But that truth is in the old stories.  Tyr, from Norse mythology, cutting off his hand to feed the wolf.  The Little Mermaid giving up her tail.   It’s in the Bible too. The boy in the New Testament giving up his lunch of bread and fish.  Jesus Christ, the ultimate sacrifice, dying for the sins of the world.

When young Josh Aversano was struck and killed by a van last year, my church was shocked.  Memories spilled out of us, memories of the handsome, joking boy about to leave for the Marines.  During the service we saw pictures of the happy family, but we couldn’t see how good can come from a child, a son, a brother dying.


And then Randy and Gwen made a choice to match their son’s story to a story that started fifteen years before…and that combination made medical history.  Impossible to predict how many people will be helped because of this pioneering technology.  Ann Curry reports on the ‘most extensive face transplant’ a year later.


I don’t need to tell you how brave Randy and Gwen are.  About their faith.  Their love.  Honor them by  listening.

Have tissues.




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