Pictures w/ Jen Snyder: Photographer Extraordinaire


At some point most families opt for the FAMILY PHOTO.  You know, the Christmas picture, the Beach picture, the School picture, the Visiting Grandparents picture.  Whatever.  If you are like me,  it has been waaaay toooo long since you’ve had a family photo.  In fact, I can’t even remember how long.  Enter: Jen from

This whole thing had to be done, but I was nervous about keeping four kids focused and my husband home from work and trying to get everyone ready before the perfect light was gone.  Instead, the whole experience was informal and even, dare I say it, fun.  The beauty is in the story of the photo, the story that Jen created without a single word. As a writer, that boggles my mind.  Forget Flash Fiction, the photographer’s task is a story with zero syllables.  Well, look at the picture.  She’s an artist, drawing on symmetry and color, different lenses and filters.   But, when you are in front of the camera you don’t think of any of those things.  You are just laughing because she’s so funny.











So, this made me wonder if I could tell a story with pictures.  Obviously, though, I would need a COUPLE words.  I’m a writer.  Here goes:

A boy dreams of reaching the stars.  And, also sending a soaring stink bug 70 feet in the air.  His father helps him, because this is a loving story.

DSCN0443        Then  CONFLICT.


Strong protagonist

That’s okay.  This story just needs a STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST.  And then, you have VICTORY.                 Victory


Finally, set up for the sequel.End


And, that is how I would write a picture story (or, an afternoon at the Woosley House).




P.S. The stink bug was not harmed in the shooting of the rockets.  Which just goes to show you that cockroaches and stinkbugs will inherit the earth.


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