I was flipping through Write that Book Already!  this morning.  I had to be quick.  It was one of the library books due today.  And I had to go-go-go because I had to get to yoga class by 9:30 because I signed up for the “UNLIMITED YOGA FOR 30 DAYS” promotion at Peace Yoga, which is a really great deal, but you have to go and this was my last day.  And it took me longer to clean up breakfast from my elementary school kids because I used Almond milk to make the oatmeal because 1) we were out of regular milk because I didn’t go to the grocery store yesterday and 2) because almond milk has more protein than regular milk (per their carton and 3) because I had a coupon to buy almond milk when I DID go to the grocery store last week.  Anyway, this is all to say that, despite the extra brown sugar, the kids were suspicious of the taste and there was more leftover oatmeal than normal.  And, it wouldn’t fit into one tupperware.  No matter how much I shoved down, the gloop just went up the other side and plopped on the counter.  And then I gave up, got the second Tupperware, and wiped down the counter from the spilled almond-oatmeal.  I also fell asleep during yoga class, but that is a different story.

Here’s a paraphrase from the book:

Stuff happens.  People will make demands on your time, your equipment will fail, your family and friends need you.  The world is not going to roll over and make it easy for you to get your writing done.  But, you will never be a writer if you don’t write.

Write that Book Already!  Sam Barry and Kathi Kamen Goldmark


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