Writing Community in Baltimore/DC

I wrote about New Year’s Resolutions about three months ago and I have kept some of them.  I’ve been fasting on Fridays.  Umm….that’s a whole different post.  At one point my husband begged me to eat because I was being such a monster.

I’ve signed up for Duolingo…and will maybe start it someday.

I’m not sure if I’ve been less judge-y.  Not on Fridays.  By Friday afternoon I’m barely civil.

But, I have made an effort to become more involved with the local writing community.  There are a lot of reasons — to hone the technical craft of writing, to meet agents and editors, to listen to panels, to feel like you aren’t alone even though you spend a great deal of time in your head, to drink coffee around other people who look and act suspiciously like yourself, to be inspired by award-winning authors, to hold conversations and to make connections.

Those last two — Conversations and Connections –were the name of the conference I attended last weekend at the Hopkins campus near Dupont Circle.  It was a really fun atmosphere and I had the pleasure of meeting several people who help create The Potomac Review.  Two months ago I joined the staff as a reader and I’ve really enjoyed being part of such a fine literary journal.

There are a lot of local events coming up and I want to participate in them….but I have to speak to the husband first.  He had a very busy Saturday with the kids while I was away — two lacrosse game, two ice skating lessons, and a great deal of driving between those events.

Here’s a quick run-down.

Critique Group at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society   Thursday, 4/24

Maryland Writers’ Conference   Saturday, 4/26

Lit and Art at the Watermark     Sunday, 4/27

Gettysburg Review Conference (6/4-6/9)

Check them out and let me know if you plan to attend!





2 thoughts on “Writing Community in Baltimore/DC

  1. Hi Sherri, The guidepost Magazine’s biyearly contest Was announced in April magazine. looking for original, unpublished true first person story in 2,000 words or less. Deadline June 12th. This is my fav. Magazine 🙂 look on website or April mag. Blessings Amber

    Amber O’Brien Amber4357@aol.com 443-243-6249

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