I Chose This?

Quote: “Time for another one?”  Husband sent me this question with a forwarded e-mail about a deal on diapers. 

Obviously this was a joke, but Husband should know better as we I’m infinitely suggestible.  And I loved being pregnant.  Each time was a different experience.  Yes, I yakked all the time, but overall it was worth it for the secret of having a little being inside, kicking and fluttering, and doing whatever little people do when they are swimming around.  And who can argue with the result?  Baby(ies) wrapped in the white hospital blanket with blue and pink border stripes.  Knitted cap popped on the head.  So… pretty risky of Husband to suggest another.  However, common sense and an iud prevailed.  I love my four children, but have NO PLANS for more.  Which brings me to this week.

                What is going on in 2012 that women once again have to fight for access to contraception?   Family planning and birth control are brilliant.  I’m actually a little flummoxed at where to begin a defense because to me it seems so self-evident that women – no matter how much money they make – should be able to have healthcare and the choice of when or if to start a family. 

                This past week wasn’t fun.  I spent all day Monday sitting in clinic with Evelyn.  Then Sylvia’s cold developed into a double ear infection. Up ALL night with her crying in pain despite the Tylenol that I AM NOT STINGY WITH.  Then Evelyn wakes up and starts crying because she’s on steroids and she has SEEN ME IN SYLVIA’s bed.  And this indignity is not to be borne.  So the three of us move down the hall to my bed where all are comfortable and stretched out except Husband who rolls out of bed and leaves for work even earlier than usual.

                Off to the pediatrician and then to the pharmacy and then home for first dose of antibiotic for Sylvia.  Meanwhile I’d given Evelyn her 6mp first thing in the morning and then poured her steroid into a sippy cup to take with us except you can’t slurp smoothie through the top so I’d also brought a straw.  Did the parents in the waiting room wonder why I kept forcing this drink on my four-year old while she cried and I balanced the clipboard on my lap because OF COURSE we’d changed insurances since the last visit and NO I don’t have Husband’s ssn memorized and I start to ask him via text, but then think that might not be secure because you must always protect your ssn and so I call him and he tells me the number, but I can barely concentrate because the receptionist is angrily pointing to a sign that reads, “Use of cell phones prohibited in waiting room.”

                So, no work on my novel this week. And I have the cold complete with runny nose and achy face.  But, I signed up for this.  I also signed up for weeks full of snuggles and delight.  My choice.  And my little slice of joy this week was the check I put in the mail to Planned Parenthood.  I also support BirthRight, a local Christian center.  Both are part of my belief in the right to family planning.