Happy New Year

So, I mailed out my last Christmas cards today.  Yesterday I ran all the exchange/return errands.  The day before that, our tree finally was de-lighted and is now sitting in the yard thinking how it will soon be turned to mulch.  The ornaments are packed in a bin sitting at the top of my basement stairs, ready to either trip me or be packed away the next time I head downstairs.

But my wishes for a wonderful 2013 are no less sincere for it being two weeks into January.  2012 was just a rough one for us, and for many people I know.  2013 is beginning splendidly.

Here’s how the Woosleys waved goodbye and hello.
December 10th — Evelyn finished her chemotherapy after 2.5 years.
December 14th — Evelyn had her port-a-cath removed from her chest (that’s her showing if off.)
December 20th — I drove Evelyn to the ER.  It was the night before the world was supposed to end and  –while I didn’t believe that was going to happen — it was creepy driving through the rain storm in the dark with the streets so shiny you couldn’t see the traffic lines.  The sky was a curious purple-gray color.  Evelyn was admitted.  She had a bacterial blood infection.  We missed the kids’ school parties and all of our planned activities, but my neighbors rallied.  They wrapped all the Christmas presents so that, no matter what happened, Christmas would come.  
December 24th — Evelyn and I were sent home with oral meds!  It snowed.  We went to Christmas Eve service as a family.
December 25 — Christmas!  
December 31 — Evelyn and her twin sister turn 5.  Our friends come over to have cake and play, very low-key.
January 2nd — My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  11 years.
The kids went back to school, basketball games on the weekend resumed, the Ravens played ball.  Evelyn went to clinic on Monday while Little Nana watched Sylvia.  It all started up again with homework and making lunches and baths and “Did you take your floride?”  And I was working on projects I’d started in 2012, projects that were taking a long time.  They involved drinking lots of coffee and lots of praying and lots of aerobics classes and dusting off my resume.  I’ll tell you about it when anything becomes official.
But this week.  This week I didn’t have any coffee.  I balanced my checkbook and scheduled a Purple Heart pick-up for the clothes my children keep growing out of.  I ate ice cream for lunch. I took a nap.  I ran several loads of dishes. I went to a yoga class for the first time since mid-December.  In yoga, you work really hard and then you rest.  Then you do it again.
How do you recover from periods of hard work?  Do you enjoy the lead-up to the holiday season, or are you someone who likes the peace when it’s over?