Reality shows

Question:  Which reality show would you like to be on?

Now that the kids are in school I like to watch a television show while I fold laundry.  I know, I know…bring on the jokes about stay-at-home moms watching soaps and eating bon bons all day.  I would gently point out I’m talking about 44 minutes one day a week, but whatever.  I was flipping through channels and I found a rerun of this reality show “Wife Swap” or “Trading Families” or something.  The premise is two mothers switch places for two weeks.  The first week the mom has to follow the rules of the current household and the second she gets to make the rules.  It’s a voyeuristic social experiment.

In the show I watched one family was really scheduled and focused on the future while the other family lazed about and tried to stay in the moment.  In the end, both families said they’d learned something….wonderful journey…blah blah blah. 

I couldn’t help wondering, as I matched socks and trimmed the pieces of elastic from the top of said socks, what kind of family would we be matched with?  We all know the producers manage the outcome and create situations and present the footage in a certain way, but how would they classify The Woosley Family in order to put me in an opposite situation?  Would I be put in a family with one child?  That would be different, but kind of boring.  What could I teach that family?  What could they teach me?

I don’t really have any good perspective — we have some activities, but some free days.  We go to church, but I don’t dress my kids like they are Amish.  Maybe we are clean freaks and I’d have to live in a hoarding house (or is that mixing reality shows?).  Hoarding house mother can’t come here.  We’re still immune-compromised because of Evelyn.  I belong to a co-op, but I gave my kids chicken nuggets the other night for dinner. 

So, I’m struggling to see the big picture about my family and who’d we be matched against and what lessons I could learn and go on and on about for the last three minutes before the credits roll.  Give me your suggestons.

And, HEY!  What about your family?  Post who you think you’d be matched against in a reality show like that.  Or, what reality show you’d rather be on.

Happy Thursday,